Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodbye August

"Everything will be fine
Everything in no time at all
Hearts will hold "
-Details in The Fabric by Jason Mraz-
(inspired by Elissa Yamada's blogpost)

Goodbye August, Goodbye My Lover
It is not a usual post...

It's been a long long road. A gray sky. A sweet cherry pie. A soft grass. Everything.
If you read my post several months ago, or on some previous posts, you probably know a love story I had because I wrote some posts about it. First I said I'm on LDR.
And now, it's over...

We apparently had a great relationship but after little consideration, we finally made it to the end.
No one says break up is easy. For my very own side, it's hard. Whenever I open my mobile phone, I find our photos, our chat history (that killed me most), sweet video and anything. Or anything that keep staying in my mind that cannot be erased in a short time.
Back then, we have made it for quite long and we have known each other for almost four years but now it comes to the end.
Sometimes, the hardest part of letting go is the fact that you have prepared many things to do together, but haven't prepared a thing to do after you break up. And finally, all things you have prepared are not gonna be done together, and it hurts.

Yeah, long distance relationship is hard. But I don't think that's the main reason :) But it's not important anymore. I wish him a successful life there, and a better life of course. And also wish myself more to have a better life here. We will be a great friend after some months after now, after we have passed the process of forgetting each other.

And now, I wanna let it go. I wanna forget everything. I wanna move on...

So for the last time and if he reads this, I'm gonna say, hope he gets a good life there and I always pray for him for every step he takes, he will not choose the wrong and regrettable decision. He will be doing good.

I love you and goodbye :)

Me- At Genting, 5 days before we break up.
Picture was taken by his sister while we had a vacation together with his family.


  1. hi dear, nice blog you have

    anyway, di blogku ada giveaway OPI dengan total hadiah lebih dari satu juta loh! ikutan yah ^_^ thanks


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