Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Short getaway

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Wait, is it 7 months since I last wrote?

It's hard to blog anymore since I am no longer a student-who has so many spare time-and now my time belongs to my job. Obviously I cannot blog so often. Since I believe that sharing pictures is good, maybe I should post something just to show that I am alive. Hahaha.

So here we go. The following pictures were taken in S.E.A Aquarium Singapore, where I went some months ago. The last time I saw a massive aquarium, I was a child and it was in Sea World, Jakarta, Indonesia. I really enjoy my time in S.E.A Aquarium <3 a.="" all="" bay.="" beautifully="" but="" by="" canceled="" day="" fast.="" following="" garden="" i="" initial="" instead.="" long="" my="" only="" p="" picture="" pictures="" plan="" queue="" so="" taken="" the="" to="" took="" tooo="" tree="" visit="" was="" went="" were="">

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

i'm on my way


a good relationship is like wearing a pair of shoes that match well with your foot. A shoes that can make you feel comfortable. confident. bring you to places. shoes that are with you when you jump for excitement, when you sit in the corner of the room for disappointment. but it's not that the shoes always fit. sometimes they can hurt your foot if you wear it for too long.

a good relationship is like all love songs that haven't been made before. It's just that all existing love songs can't stand alone describing what you feel. a good relationship is not always sure where are you now, but you somehow sure that you are on your way to something good because you know your destination.

time flies to what seems like a blink of an eye. to hold a hand that as soft as a marshmallow, and to slowly linger between fingers, and to feel like you are connected in some ways-that when both eyes locked you two just smiled like something funny just happened when it is not. that you can still stand strong when he is not around because you believe in each other. that you work everyday from Monday to Friday wholeheartedly because on Saturday and Sunday you just gonna greet the only one who definitely will wipe your tiredness. and that-even though two days are too short-is the best reason why you work the way you work everyday, the reason why you wake up and feel alive.

this can make you childish and mature in the same way. but you know the limit and the place. you know that some gestures can never be more right for you. you know when you are side by side, everything just seems right, even though the world is wrong. but at least one thing is right for sure. that you are together. fight is normal. a temporary madness is alright. but when you put aside your ego and selfishness, it is because you know what to choose: your ego that can harm you forever or that person?
a good relationship is like a home. no matter how far you travel and go away, you will come to the place you call home.

a good relationship is not about a month of togetherness, a half-year anniversary, a year anniversary, an 8th anniversary. it is when you look at your calendar, you realize that it's been a year today and you don't feel that time works very slow in a year. and it's not about the one year, but it's about when I look back, I see so many things and changes happened. it's about me being so grateful that in this past year some parts of me changed, and him too-in a good way, hopefully. it is still early, but I know that this is the beginning. I know that I am on my way.

Looking forward to more and more happy and not necessarily happy days with you, A.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Review: LANEIGE Moisture Care Miniature Set

20 December 2014
Since I saw many visitors read this post, regarding LANEIGE set, I will add my review that I have been using LANEIGE for nine months and I have no significant skin problem ever since. So, as a girl with sensitive skin, I highly recommend you to try this product or at least try the miniature first :) Now I'm using almost complete product from refiner, emulsion, waterbank essence, waterbank gel, night cream and soap, plus eye cream.

Will probably share the pictures in this blog when I have time. Meanwhile, feel free to ask me anything :)

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Hello everyone.
My days are getting more hectic as I am already working. But I always keep in mind that no matter how busy I am, keeping skin moist is a must.

I'm gonna post my review about Laneige, a beauty skin care product from Korea, with Song Hye Gyo as the ambassador. There are many blogs out there that have made such review about this product, but I'm gonna post my version because I think that sharing good thing is a must :)

Before you continue, I will explain about my skin condition. So my skin type is HIGHLY SENSITIVE. It gets easily irritated by skin care product, even with those whose tagline is "specially for sensitive skin". I have used numerous doctor's products, several products which sold in the mall, and countless products that I used only thrice before they made my face RED and irritated.

In case you have the same skin type like me, this are the symptoms of irritation to my face:
- my face turns red, especially on cheeks and forehead.
- my eye lids are bloated as if i was bitten by an insect.
- acnes appear on the chin, cheeks and forehead.
- face gets very itchy.

How about you?

So, oneday I challenged my self to try Laneige after comprehend the reviews from people from around the world about this product. And today is exactly 3 weeks after using Laneige. At first I felt worried for the possibility of having another money-wasting product but Thank God this time it works well.

Let's go to the main topic. I will show you my very honest opinion and review, also with picture of myself before and after using Laneige.

In brief, now my face looks really different, it is better as I don't have flecks anymore. And thank God ever since I used Laneige, I don't have to worry about a sudden acne appearing in the morning. But take a note that you must balance a skin care product with drinking a lot of water and sleep before it's too late.

My opinion about Laneige:

+ smell good
+ works well on my face
+ design of the bottles is luxurious (not the bottles in my pictures as they are miniatures, but bottles on the mall)

+ quite pricey, BUT worth the price. One bottle can remain until up to three months.
Details: If you buy in department store, you will need around 1,000,000++ IDR to buy the whole product (skin refiner, balancing emulsion, water bank essence, water sleeping pack, eye gel and the very famous BB cushion powder). However, you can consult first about the products that you really need so you don't have to buy them all.

Will I re-purchase? Definitely YES.

STEP 1: Power Essential Skin Refiner.
It is like a toner but more viscous, and is the first step before you apply emulsion and water bank. Make sure it dries on your face first before you apply the emulsion.

STEP 2: Moisture Balancing Emulsion.
Apply this after the refiner dries on your face.

STEP 3: Water Bank Essence.
I can say that this is the main cream. According to the Laneige skin's consultant at Sogo, we can apply Water Bank Essence without having to apply skin refiner and emulsion. I still follow the first and second step though.

STEP 3: Water Sleeping Pack.
Apply this ONLY once or twice a week. On the other days you don't use this, you can apply skin refiner and balancing emulsion though. Btw, it smells good. It is famous that when you are stressed, you can inhale in this cream for 3 seconds :)

This is the first day I use Laneige. It was about two weeks ago. My skin was really dry and some acnes were there.

My face with no make up at all. I only apply Laneige refiner, emulsion, and water bank. And slight powder to cover.

*Happy Face*

PS: I don't write details history of the product but to get more information about: how to use Laneige, the perfect laneige product for you, what does Laneige mean, and everything regarding the product, kindly visit its website on www.laneige.co.id or http://www.laneige.com.sg/product/skincare_steps.jsp
Feel free to share your experiences in trying the perfect skin care for your face :)

Best Regards,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Perfect gift for everyone

Hello everyone! This is my first post in 2014 btw :D I feel like my life in 2013 has been a very priceless gift, as I got many new valuable things in my life. One of the was my boyfriend.

Talking about gift, he's having his birthday this month. I think, finding a gift for men is mooorree difficult than for women, or is it just because I am a woman? Hehe.

Back to a gift for my boyfriend, I plan to buy him something useful. So, as an amateur, I did googling to find out what men will love as a birthday gift. Trust me, asking Google "What is a birthday gift for boyfriend?" is no help whatsoever because the results show stuffs like: desk lamp, wine glass, battery (what the hell), etc. So, as an Indonesian girl who prioritizes physical appearance and the use, I'm just gonna buy something he can wear in daily.

That was a time when I found Zalora. As I always say in this blog, I am such an online shopper. So, I think I can find references of the gift I can give to him. The stuffs vary from top, bottom, bag, shoes of any type and occasion, fragrances and accessories. Not only that, Zalora also sells products for woman. But what makes me even happier is, this website sells brand we usually see in department store. Unique, no? So, without me noticing it, I successfully spent around two hours to get stuffs for my boyfriend (and for myself). Guess I can never stop shopping online.

I'm going crazy as I find out what Zalora offers to us:
1. FREE SHIPPING. hurray! Yes I am exaggerating, but for an online-shopper addict like me, free shipping is very helpful as I can save more money.
2. So many products for men and women with detail of pictures (from different angle), the overview of the brand, and measurement. Smart!
Zalora sells some of my favorite brands like X(S.M.L), C by Chic Simple, Marie Claire, and so on.

And don't worry about the price. Zalora is just like a department store in a form of website because they have range of price just like the goodies you buy in mall. Psst, the price starts at Rp. 75,000,-

And I'm gonna share my findings for him, for myself and for Chinese New Year which happen to be on 31 January this month.

All products and pictures above are from www.zalora.co.id 

Btw, if you somewhat also confuse about what to give to someone, or even for yourself and need one stop shopping webstore, you can visit Zalora's website at www.zalora.co.id and visit their facebook page HERE.

Saturday, November 9, 2013



Hello guys.
Days have been pretty wonderful lately. After finishing the four sleepless days in IMUN 2013, I finally back on my sleep track. I think it's going to be my last competition this year, or even maybe until the day I finally graduate. As the year is almost end, I think I need to start evaluating everything I have done from January until October and make a caleidoscope of 2013 in December.

So the pictures were taken in (still) Malaysia and I guess these are the last pictures. And sorry for jumping so much in the pictures. All of them were taken by my big brother. Man, I didn't know that his brilliance can be balanced not only in education, but also in *uhm* taking pictures?

So, have a great day, lovely people!
And this TOPSHOP Magazine is filled with super inspirational and beautiful and artsy content. Love it!

I kinda feel like a girl in rush who tried to stop a bus.

Sitting in the air. Got this shot in the very first attempt. Nice, huh?

The caption could be: "The Jacket Tries to Take Me Away". Please don't mind my ridiculous face :D

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Fog

Still my shoots from Malaysia, specifically in Penang. When I was there, the area of Bukit Bendera was covered with a thick fog and it was a bit cold. But hours later, the fog started to diminish. The reason why there's not a single photo showing my foot is because I was wearing sandal which would ruin the total look.

Anyway, can't wait for December :)


The Dork Diaries Syndrome

I've been infatuated with The Dork Diaries Series. Blame Rachel Renee Russell for having a writing skill THAT impressive. And, please tell me that it's normal for a twenty year old gal like me to read a book about middle class student :p. Anyway, I so can't wait for the Dork Diaries 7, which I don't know when it will be published.

So, lately I've been playing hide and seek with my blogging mood. The mood had run, and run, and run, and wouldn't come to me. And lately, I've been busy with:
1. Reading Dork Diaries. *SQUEE* (If you are a fan of this series, you will know what i mean)
2. Preparing my paper and mental for some end-year competitions
3. Thesis (Gosh I am such a lazy girl, even for such important matter)
4. Hang out with lovely people
5. Gossiping with my girlfriends and guyfriends
6. Trying really hard to stop shopping and saving really good for a better start of 2014 (still not yet accomplished though)
7. Reading some articles that are helpful. And I found one nice sentence (and also re-quoting from my friend): "You are twenty. You don't know everything and that's okay."


number 8. Jump shoot! I swear it's not like I am obsessed with America's Next Top Model episode. I mean, how juvenile would that be? (Again, if you are a fan of the Dork Diaries, you would know this sentence)

And by the way, I had a great time in Malaysia two weeks ago. It was a really tiring journey when I got to spend almost the whole day in bus. But it's always a nice feeling visiting that country.

Please be aware as some posts after this post must contain another jump shoots. Hihihi.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Five years

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Today when I was listening to a local radio, I heard a news about the official ground breaking of MRT project by Mr. Joko Widodo, and it's estimated that the project will be finished around March 2018.

So, what does it have to do with my post?

Because when I heard the date, my mind was immediately wandering to one question: what will I become in 2018?

Then that one line question grows into some sub-questions that doesn't stop popping up in my mind. Where will I be staying? What countries I'll be having been stayed in? What is my job? Where are my friends, close relatives? Will I still be seeing them?

As it's still 5 years from now. And frankly speaking, 5 years ago when I was fifteen, I had no idea about what I would be when I'm twenty. When I was fifteen, I remember that I've never even close to bother myself thinking about my twenty.

So when I'm twenty, why I bother myself thinking about what I will be in the age of twenty-five? Funny, eh?

Then, go back to this infamous quote I heard somewhere. 'The easiest way to predict your future is by creating it.'

Okay, so, let's just create this long-term future from now on and hopefully, when MRT developmeny has been finished, my 25 will be somewhat filled by useful experience ;)

PS: this is just a random post, as I don't know what to do after watching Indonesian U-19 team spread their wings to win over Philippines. Congrats, young boys.Good luck for the next match with South Korea.