Sunday, August 18, 2013


So, just so you know, I just managed to change my blog layout. I remember what I wanted to do in this blog when I first posted something. I fell in love with fashion world. I was sixteen back then. I felt head over heel with design and fashion and writing fashion article (remember I was a contributor in Gogirl Magazine Website). And even though I still love writing about fashion journo (to recall that I sometimes contribute my writing to, I realize how change is happening inside of me. I'm sure everyone is changing right now. I suddenly find that this blog is supposed to contain all thoughts, not just about style, but about anything I really want to write.

Have you ever felt that some parts inside of you which once grew so strong suddenly subdued? Have you ever felt that all at once, there are some desires that appear inside yourself that you never thought they would be there?

Yes, I guess it's because change is the only constant in life. As I pass years by years, and now I am twenty, soon to be graduated, a girl with maturer mind (and hopefully wiser), I start to be more serious about life. I found an inspiring blog tonight, it was about a 21 year-old girl who was an intern in Irlandia, and also an America graduate, and she is Indonesian. She got so much in life, despite young age. So I compare to mine, well, I can say I need to work harder to make the most of my life, like her :)

"The only thing constant in life is change"
 Fran├žois de la Rochefoucauld

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  1. change is something that happens whether you like it or not :) but if the change makes you better, go for it!

    Pudding Monster

  2. yes, change is good somehow :) And sometimes yes, I found something that I never thought it will be there a whole time but never bring it up . hihi :D
    Hope you more success! Nice of you could be a contributor at gogirl Magz. amazing experience!


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