Friday, August 30, 2013



Let me introduce my self. I am Miss-cannot-stay-doing-nothing-at-home.

This time I managed to get rid of those old magazines in my bedroom. I threw away around 50 magazines (the other quantities were already thrown away last year)I read when I was 13-year-olds. It's seven years ago, right? I'm quite surprised by how I have been influenced my fashion or girly magazine since I was so young, as now I'm looking at my 14-year-olds sister and she never touches any magazines :P

Back to those old magazines, I purposely cut some pages to create the mood board. Just so you know, this mood board is 90% made from recycled and inadequate materials.

So, what do we need here?

1. A LOT of magazines' pages, tape, double tape, glue, scissors.

2. The board.
I made the board by myself as I didn't have strong board that is usually used for mood board at the moment.
It's a cardboard covered by newspaper, double the cardboard to make it thicker.
PS: Of course you can by the effortlessly-made strong cardboard at bookstore. I just couldn't wait to make my mood board when I didn't have quite enough material. 

3. LOTS and LOTS interesting magazines' pages.

4. Stick some pictures to a strong carton to make it more 3D. Again, I use a used instant noodle's carton :)

And this is it...

And my 3D corner. Biggest dream is to travel around the world. Make sure this becomes my reminder to study and work smarter.

Just some make up inspirations...

Dreamy and well-organized closet. It's Kimmy Jayanti's, by the way.

An encouragement corner.

So, what do you like to do in your free time? :)

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