Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shop and Invest

One thing that comes up into my mind when I'm about to shop is: Will this item bring benefit for me? Or will I just waste my money for something that isn't worth it?
The more I grow up, the more I find out that I used to spend money for something that I loved at the first glance but not useful anymore after I wore it for several times. And it will be wiser if I can be more picky about what I shall buy and what I shan't.

I've been thinking to buy something that are versatile and can be an investment. Fashion changes like everyday, and if you follow the trend just to be cool eventhough you are not comfortable while wearing on trend clothes, you will never find your genuine style.

Then one day I found a red blazer from an online shop (PS: I am a big fan of online shops), and as usual, before I'm about to buy, I think of how many times I can wear this item withoung getting bored and how many people I will find wearing the same item like me. Then I bought this red blazer from GOWIGASA*. And when it arrived, I knew I have choosen the right item. The material is as just I expected, how it fits my body and so on.

*GOWIGASA is such a lovely online shop. It sells very cute item with affordable prices and high quality friendly service(I'm not paid for saying this anyway ;p). I really hope oneday I can meet the owner- Ci Jessica and Ci Elissa -in real *pinky swear* :)

So guys, what I want to say is, you don't have to follow the trend if you want to look good. Be yourself, find your true style and don't be afraid to look weird. You can see Diana Rikasari and Susie Bubble. Their styles are unique, different, and unusual, which make them famous.

As for me, here are some versatile items:
1. Blazer
2. Jeans
3. Basic tee
(Fore more tips, you can read my article for gogirlmagz HERE).


Dress: Chic Simple
Bracelet: Forever 21
Bag: Charles & Keith
Shoes: Unbranded


Btw, I'm joining gowigasa giveaway. Wish me luck ;)

Tee from Zara, shoes from AdorableProject, Vintage bag, unbranded jeans.
Another way to style a red blazer:
basic tee, jeans <3

Thankyou for reading and see you on the next post :)

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  1. love your blazer!!!
    i always want a red one, perfect!

  2. Cici! Apa kabar? Hihihi. I so agree with you, always think twice before buying stuffs. But I need to practice more because sometimes I just can't defeat my greedy thoughts haha. Love the blazer and the dress! The dress is so unique, I want one! Good luck for the giveaway, ci! :)

  3. nice blazer ci Anaaa <3


  4. Such a great post! ^^ You have a great blog too, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  5. love the red jacket and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  6. Ohh thank u for your comment. Of course we can follow each other!
    i'm following you!
    PS: u know that we say: Le Petit Château and not La Petite Chateau ;)

  7. Thanks for your sweet comment girl.You look fab.
    Of course we can follow each other. I do it first, return love back?

  8. I totally agree with you. I actually have to start acting like this more frequently because I don't tend to think all the time when I shop. I've improved a bit but I need to work on it a bit more as well.

    I want t acquire more basic pieces and get rid of those "trendy ones because my closet is filled with trendy ones that cannot be paired with other rather casual ones.

    Thank you so much for the tip.

    Also i love how you paired the blazer in both outfits. my favorite has to be the dress. Because it gives the look such a whimsical feel yeah I know "how cheesy right?". But that's really how I feel.


    1. Yes dear, sometimes we can't differentiate our needs and our temporary desire for a thing :)
      Red blazer matches many outfit <3 Thanks for commenting

  9. Love the dress and blazer, I like your outfit!!

  10. WOOH! I would totally wear this outfit- well, if it wasn't snowing here :p
    So cute! I love the flowyness mixed with the structure of the poppin blazer! nice work, girl!

    I am your NEWEST FOLLOWER! I hope you can visit my blog and follow me back now too ^_^ hugs from USA!

    God bless always


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