Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two Thousand Twelve

Happy new year people.
One year passed so fast. I still remember how I spent new year eve to 2011 and today, it has already a new year.

So if I see what had happened to me in 2011, the sad and happy parts, I find out that they actually taught me to be better and stronger. Loved, left by someone, betrayed, be loved, everything...

My resolution for 2012:
> Eat health and be more vegetarian
> Be a better friend, sister, daughter, etc
> Find more friends
> Be more dilligent
> Help more people
> Participate in big events (colleges, or anything regarding my hobby in fashion)
> No more acute hubbub :P

Hope 2012 be a brand new year for all of us. Now, it's time to close the book totled '2011' and start to write a new blank bokk titled '2012'.

happy new year 2012
picture made by me.

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