Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Caleidoscope

Yay tomorrow is NEW YEAR! Time runs too fast I guess. It's like yesterday I made a resolution for 2012. And I'm really happy that most of my resolutions are fulfilled.

If you are my BBM friends that are currently reading this, you probably know that on the first 3 months in 2012, I write this on my BBm status.
2012 tagline: Make 2012 a Productive Year!

2012 resolutions:
1. Join some competitions
2. Can make my own money
3. My blog got featured in medias
4. Make people happy
5. Make my mom and dad proud
6. More active in campus activities
7. Gain more friends
8. Get sponsor for blog
9. Become project manager in events in campus

The bold ones are successfully done. I hope number 8 and 9 will be obtained next year :)

And not only that, I got bonus too in 2012:
Join competition in other cities in Indonesia. Name it Lampung, Bandung, and of course Jakarta.
Join my very first time competition in London School.
Join my very fist MUN (model United Nations) in Bakrie University.
Be a champion of a competition in Bandung.
Be a quarter finalist of a competition in Lampung.
Be able to meet great friends, the one in need, indeed.
Can join many part time jobs, which give me income, networks and FUN at the same time.
Yeah, finally able to move on.
Meet some boys who just wanna play around with someone's feelings.
Meet jackass people who actually teach me how to be more patient.
Can buy stuffs I like.
Finally can apply eye liner by my own (haha!)
Get so much complication in mind about friendship, relationship, and future.
New camera and a super helpful tripod (yay)
Work harder, gain much!
and other things I forgot.

2012 is the best year for me, so far. My tagline in 2012 is: Make 2012 a productive year.
And thank God, it's successfully accomplished!

Being by my side for the whole year (read: not in a relationship) is great. Here's why, I once thought that having a boyfriend will make me feel happy, but can be very gloomy (or in popular Indonesian teen dictionary: galau). And that kind of gloomy feelings will lead me to be unproductive. I learned from mistake that I really didn't feel like doing anything when I was in fight with my boyfriend. So, this year I can say that I'm satisfied that I can learn how to be more patient, and prepare to love 'the one' better in the future. By that being said, I proved that I can be more active in campus, join this and that, have more friends, expand my network and don't have to worry about how terrible that kind of feeling is when you miss the one you love but just can't see him.

So, where should I go in 2013? Frankly speaking, I haven't thought about new year's resolution :D But one thing for sure, 2013 will be a better year than 2012. Agree? :)

And, thank you for reading. I hope you all have a nice day, a very awesome new year's celebration. I wish I can attend blogger meet up in 2013!

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  1. looks like you had such a great year
    and yeay on eyeliner!
    i found that eyeliner is quite life-changing.. in terms of transforming your sleepy eyes into one sexy animal party look!

    The Sweetest Escape

  2. Aaa kalyana punya blog juga ya (baru tau) XD keren deeeh post2nya :D aku follow ya <3


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