Wednesday, May 29, 2013

middle quality of procrastination


First of all, I'm so bored.
Second of all, I'm so bored.

No working, no class today. Well I suppose to be happy that I can procrastinate, no? I should but I'm not even in the mood to continue procrastinating anyway... I'm abandoning my homework and thinking that I actually have nothing to do instead.

So I create this formula.
holiday + at home + no book to read  = enormous amount of boredom.

So, I tried to inspire myself reading to Color Me Katie, P.S I Made This, Gary Pepper Vintage Blog, some tumblr talking about book, some unknown blogs out there and I ended up being nowhere near inspired but still... bored. Heheh.

But finally I found something to do, not really productive though. just want to buy time. and here they are.

I made (again) a mood book (a kind of mood board but you make it in a book) for the umpteenth times I don't really remember because I often make this kind of book. This time, I use my blank notebook from Gogirl Magazine December 2012 edition. And yeah I know I'm late to make anything with this notebook just now, where all Indonesian bloggers had made it from the month this magazine and the notebook were issued by the publisher.

Some hours later... I finally know what I wanted to make. It's a book consists of wishlists

Library. It's been a loyal answer in any job interview I have.
Q: What's your dream?
A: To be living in a house that has a room to put so much books to get lost in it.

Painted by myself. a combination of boredom, and desperation for not knowing about how to paint :P

Well, 3 years ago I made something that was almost similar with what I made today... 
It's supposed to be my guest book on my 17th birthday. But also a combination of friends' profile and their opinion about me.

Thanks for reading. Can't wait for tomorrow when I finally have something to do :D

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  1. Wow you are really a booklover huh? :P
    Don't be bored! There are so many things
    you can do. Try a new hobby perhaps?

  2. nice stuffs! by the way i like your blog :) let's be friend,,follow me and i will follow you back for sure :)

  3. nice job!

  4. nice stuffs! by the way i like your blog :) let's be friend,,follow me and i will follow you back for sure :) LBD online


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