Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hi guys!

Been consciously lost myself in one of Einstein's biography book's pages.
As I promise in my 2013 resolution (well I never said any of them to anyone, anyway), I'm upgrading my reading material. For now, I've just begun reading Albert Einstein's biography book. Why do I suddenly read this kind of book? Like non-fiction, you know. Actually, I've been influenced by friends who make me want to read more biography of successful people in this world. So, I decided buying this book and my friend was right. Biography books are so inspiring.

Then, why days are so special lately?
- Expectations come true.
Hurray, internship on July! And.... invitation to Appreciation Day in my campus (yayness!). What a blessing.

- Surround myself with great people
yesterday I thought that the world is just as small as a shoe box. After meeting great people, I finally know how real world treated them and how they reacted to be great like today.

- Smile at people, they will smile back at you.
Smiling is contagious. Best thing is, it's FREE.

- People change everyday. it's normal
enough saying.

- "Don't sweat at little things"
Problems are always there without you try to find them. But the way you handle them can determine how long those problems will stick with you. So, why would we put too much effort to a small problem, why should we sweat at a little thing?

- To start reading more non-fiction book
not that I'm getting rid of my Nicholas Sparks' novel, I'm just expanding my reading hobby to the next level hahah. And also to buy time.

- Suddenly poisoned with Green Day and Queen songs.
Yeah I think I start liking rock genre. \m/

- To be an independent girl
I know my thesis mate will laugh at this, this mate will say like, "Independent girl, huh?" with those annoyed face.

- To actually start to plan about when to go to gym
Ha! Boy, you nail it. never before i cared about shaping my body.

I've been blessed...
to breath
to love
to learn
to read good books
to grow
to still have passion
to be optimistic
to be loved
to have caring people
to listen to good musics
to eat good popcorns
to listen to Green Day songs :p

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  1. Happy birthday and agree with you :) got internship? that's nice cc! Have more blessings then!

  2. Great post!


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