Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blessing in Disguise

So, it's July and it's still raining. I always feel a slight warm feeling in my heart every time it rains. Sounds ironic but there's something in the rain that always bring something to my heart. Rain reminds me of old days, to my favorite childhood movies, to my old friends, to memories-basically. But I wish it don't rain everyday. I can't bear the traffic jam, really.

And I'm supposed to have my looong holiday, like two and a half month but I will spend this holiday with an internship :D Wish me luck.

I've been surrounded by good books and good dreams and some bad reality lately (like when I crashed my car to another car). And actually, I kinda thankful for it. When bad events occurred, I found a blessing in disguise. You know, it's not a good feeling when we face bad things, especially alone, but without we knowing it, those bad things make us wiser and definitely better. Don't you think so?

Been loving this comfy tee from Chocochips Boutique and pants from Uniqlo. Heels are New Look's.

Anyway, I just finished reading Me Before You novel, by Jojo Moyes. It's a really nice novel with a touching story. It talks about how love can happen between two completely different people in such limitations.


  1. Love I 'flower' Paris tee!
    so are you a bookworm? heheh .. I love reading too
    Have a nice holiday BTW!

  2. love the pants


  3. Nice outfit! Where I can buy that one?

    1. Try search on Zalora, dont forget to visit http://e-vouchers.co.id/ first, they have special deal with Zalora, I got 15% discount from them!


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