Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Curiosity Kills the Cat

At first, everything was blur. It was like some events occurred in a vivid scene. You just see some scenes, part by part. You didn't know whether you have seen that scene as a whole but not in order, or just a partial scene...

At first, you saw it like a pinch of sugar.
At second, you saw it like a grip of coffee.
And as the time passes by, your sight seeing which was as tiny as a pinch of sugar and grew bigger to a grip of coffee are combining themselves.
They slowly begun to complete each other scene, creating one whole scene.

And finally everything that once blur, that once looked like incomplete puzzle finally shows themselves as one. And it's no longer a blur scene. It's no longer guessing. It finally presents as a fact.

A fact is something that happened. It had happened and there's no way to avoid it's happening. And we can't change it.

So the blur scene is finally revealed.
The things you once confused about slowly begins to show you what they are.
And you begin to terrify, worry, confuse about what to do with the truth, drop your stomache and try to forget about the truth.

So, if you knew that the truth would be somehow makes you scary or insecure, will you try to find it from the beginning?

Will you still be curious to find the truth?
Or will you just accept what you don't know and continue living in a fake peace?

"The curiosity kills the cat. But at least the cat dies with the truth joining him at his grave."

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