Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Short getaway

Wait, is it 7 months since I last wrote?

It's hard to blog anymore since I am no longer a student-who has so many spare time-and now my time belongs to my job. Obviously I cannot blog so often. Since I believe that sharing pictures is good, maybe I should post something just to show that I am alive. Hahaha.

So here we go. The following pictures were taken in S.E.A Aquarium Singapore, where I went some months ago. The last time I saw a massive aquarium, I was a child and it was in Sea World, Jakarta, Indonesia. I really enjoy my time in S.E.A Aquarium <3 a.="" all="" bay.="" beautifully="" but="" by="" canceled="" day="" fast.="" following="" garden="" i="" initial="" instead.="" long="" my="" only="" p="" picture="" pictures="" plan="" queue="" so="" taken="" the="" to="" took="" tooo="" tree="" visit="" was="" went="" were="">

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