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Visit Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi: located at the easternmost end of the Indonesian island of Java. It serves as a port between Java and the island of Bali. It is surrounded by mountains and forests to the west; by sea to the east and south. Banyuwangi is separated by Strait of Bali from Bali.
(from Wikipedia)

Last December 2014, I went to Banyuwangi. It was a random and sudden plan as I and my friends were thinking about spending Christmas just not at home. It took only two day before the day that we decided to go to Banyuwangi. See, how random we were? Haha.
So in two days, we all managed to book the tour to Banyuwangi (knew it via backpackerindonesia.com and this link) and the airplane ticket to Surabaya.

Short story, I got the return plane ticket for around 1.7 million IDR and the tour itself was 850k IDR included food and transportation. That was a good deal hence we took it soon we knew it.

We departed to Surabaya (Juanda Airport) on 25 December 2015 night, and the tour guy picked us up in a mini bus where we met the other tour participants. After he picked us at the airport, we went to pick up the other participants at bus station. Next, he drove us to Banyuwangi, which took 8 hours from Surabaya. We spent the night sleeping at the mini bus.

The next early morning, we arrived at Banyuwangi! Hurray!!! And finally our trip begun...

Overall trip: 8/10.
Even though we spent like 2 nights in total in the mini bus, but i tell you that it's worth it. the journey, the price, the place and facilities that we got from www.yukbanyuwangi.com was amazing. When i was there, there were quite many foreigners come (when i was in Menjangan Island) because the sport for snorkeling was still pristine. I gotta say that I love Menjangan Island for snorkeling than Tanjung Benoa, Bali :D

Day 1: Teluk Ijo/Green Bay

By walking, we must go through Stone Beach to reach the Green Bay.
I personally thing that this bay is VERY BEAUTIFUL. The water is literally green, it was the most beautiful beach I've ever been to)
The Stone Beach.
Be careful while walking :D 

Now, this is the bay I was talking about.
See the water... The sand was sooooo soft. I wish I could see this often.

Day 1 - Red Island/Pulau Merah
From Green Bay, we continued the trip to the Red Island. I don't really know why it is called Red Island because there was nothing red. But at sunset, this place is greatly amazing.

 A very clear water, almost like a mirror!

Day 2 - Menjangan Island

We got through Pelabuhan Kampe to cross to Menjangan Island by boat for around 1 hour. Who said that you better not to go to the beach on December was quite but not thoroughly correct. It drizzled while we were on the boat. But, all the long time and the wet caused by the drizzle was paid off. The island was so beautiful. Banyuwangi kept surspised me.

 With friends :D

 Meeting new people

Hello dear deer <3 p="">

Day 3 - Kawah Ijen

So you think you love hiking? I THOUGHT I love hiking, but not so much anymore after I went to Kawah Ijen. Let me tell a brief story about my journey to Kawah Ijen and catching the famous "Blue Fire".

It was around midnight, I and all the participants was picked up by our mini bus to go to Kawah Ijen. In advance, we were told to bring: thick clothes, jacket, raincoat, flashlight, gloves, sport shoes. The road to Kawah Ijen was quite muddy, swampy, sloppy, and dark (there was no light at all). At 2 AM, we arrived to the entrance of Kawah Ijen, where we all asked to get off the car and start walking. Man, I tell you that it was freakin cold! Well, wonder not, it was 2 AM in the morning and it was a highland ^^. Long story short, I and my friends walked and walked and walked to what seemed like forever (LOL). We walked for like 3 hours and by then it rained :( and.... Blue Fire was gone. Sad, I know. But we were happy because we managed to see other beautiful (but very cold) spots. Let the pictures talk.

 Wore two piles of clothes but still shivered.

My fresh face, because the air was soooo fresh. If I lived in this kind of air, my face would be free from acne :P

Day 3 - Baluran-Savana Bekol
Last visit before we saying goodbye...

Savana Bekol was called 'Africa van Java'. It was a nice place, desert and dry... Let my photos tell the story.

 I love this beautiful cloudy and gloomy sky.. Feel like dancing in the air!

So sorry for the bad quality...

Bama + O = ???

That's the end of my Banyuwangi trip. after that, I extended my trip in Surabaya for 1 day. I went to Tunjungan Plaza for the first time ever and I was amazed by the size of the mall and the tenants in there. I love Surabaya and would love to re-visit again and try the Rawon Setan (near Amaris Hotel) again!

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